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The process

  • Client advises us what they are looking to add, demolish or alter at their property
  • The client provides us with a copy of the existing building plans, SG Diagram and Zoning Information Certificate (we can get these from the council if the client does not have these available in order for us to advise correctly)
  • We then proceed to do the assessment and quote the client accordingly
  • Once the client has accepted they pay us a 50% deposit in order for the design work to start
  • We meet with the client in order to present the completed design, if the client is happy we arrange for final printing. If the client requires changes, we do them and present again as needed
  • Once final printing is done, we arrange for the engineer’s check and signatures, SANS application and SACAP forms to be filled in and we meet with client to sign off as complete
  • The client pays the 50% balance and the submission to council is then done (we can provide a receipt to show the submission date)
  • We await the council’s feedback for plan approval
  • Once approved, we collect the plans and deliver to the client, the project is then deemed as complete
  • The building process can now commence at the client’s discretion


This is a list of frequently asked questions

For any queries unanswered by this page please give us a call or send us an e-mail.


How do I know if I need to submit building plans?

Everybody that is adding a building or altering an existing building on an Erf

When do I need an engineer?

You will require the services of an engineer if plans are being submitted for additions or alterations that require a new foundation, a new roof or a second floor slab

Can I build to the boundary wall?

It depends on whether there is a building line or a servitude line to that boundary line, if there is then a special application needs to be done to apply for a relaxation of that line

What documentation is required to complete the process?

  • A copy of the current existing building plans
  • A copy of the title deeds in the name of the client
  • A copy of the municipality account in the name of the client
  • A zoning certificate
  • An SG Diagram

When will my plans be approved?

The council approval takes an average of 8 weeks

How long does the process take?

  • The design process can take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the project requirements and complexity
  • The council approval takes an average of 8 weeks, depending on the project requirements

Who must submit my plans to the council?

  • We submit plans on behalf of the client
  • The client can submit plans directly to the relevant department in the municipal area

Does a carport require plans?

Yes it does as it is a fixed structure

What if illegal alterations go unnoticed?

Most banks require the updated building plans before granting a bond for the sale of a propery, so it will catch up with you sooner or later.

What if someone fails to submit a plan?

If you build or alter your property without submitting the appropriate building plans, the building inspector can order your building to be demolished at your expense

Where can I get an application form?

We can supply all the relevant documentation for submission alternatively you can find the forms on

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